Pastor Richard Owusu

Prophet Richard-IMG

Pastor Richard Owusu is the founder and senior pastor of Gethsemane Ministry, Inc., a non-denominational faith-based organization in Pennsylvania, USA.

Blessed with an Apostolic mandate and a Prophetic mantle, Pastor Richard has a call to evangelize the nations with the vision of “throwing the net of salvation into both the receded and troubled waters to fish out the souls of men”.

Pastor Richard’s Ministry crosses boundaries of ethnicity, class, gender and denomination, teaching the principles of salvation and true fellowship with God and man.

Gifted with the humble spirit of a leader and the heart of a Father, Pastor Richard believes in championing the course of the younger generation, while bridging the gap between the young and the old through sound Holy Spirit filled teachings.

Pastor Richard is an inspiration to many and has dedicated his life to mentorship and leadership training in Ministry. His goal is to empower individuals to reach their full potential in Christ and in their personal lives. Serving as a mentor, he strives to attract and actively develop anyone who is ready to dive deeper into their relationship with Jesus Christ to unearth their God-given purpose.

He is the author of the published series, “Inspirational Quotes for Life Application”, and as a speaker, he is in high demand; ministering Salvation to Souls in Africa, North America and the Caribbean.

Pastor Richard holds a Bachelor of Science degree, a Post-Graduate Certificate and an MBA from Universities in Ghana, South Africa and the United States.

He has a teaching style that renders very complex Biblical material into simple practical life application. Pastor Richard believes firmly, that a nobody can become a somebody provided that the individual’s potential is unearthed and maximized. He Inspires by Leading the way.

Pastor Richard and his wife are blessed with two lovely children.